Wednesday 7/9/2014

Clean and Jerk From the mid thigh Blocks
60% x2(+2)
65% x2 (+2)x2
70% x2(+1)x2
75% x1 x2

2-0-2-0 Tempo Front Squat
5×2 @ 8

WOD: 10 Min EMOM
50 double unders
15 burpees

if you finish 10 mins continue till you cannot any more

(if you cannot keep up with reps within minute scale by 10 double unders less or 3 burpees)

One thought on “Wednesday 7/9/2014”

  1. Clean and Jerk: finished all the reps. The percentages were taken from 145lbs. Need to keep working on jerk!!!

    Tempo squat: 155lbs. Could have probably gone a bit heavier, but still had some minor pain on shoulder from injury on previous day.

    WOD: finished 4 mimutes with 50DU and 15 burpees, then went down to 40DU and 12 burpees. At minute 8 went down to 30 DU and 9 burpees. Pretty tired, need work on cardio and stamina.

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