Tuesday 7/8/2014

Drop Snatch:
55% x3
60% x3
65% x3x2
70% x3x2

Push press:

8 minutes volume accumulation: “No-No-No” rope climb

5x500m row rest 2 mins btween each set

Candle sticks 3×10

Hallow hold for 2 mins

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 7/8/2014”

  1. Drop Snatch:
    Felt good, hit 70% at 110

    Push press:
    Did 4 sets of 6 reps instead of 6 sets of 4, I got confused. Felt good

    Did 4 no-no’s

    5x500m row rest 2 mins btween each set
    1:47 1:48 1:52 1:53 1:47

  2. Drop Snatch: felt somewhat awkward. Need to practice more on that. Didn’t have time to finish my last set at 70%.

    Push press: all good at 100lbs, 80% taken from 125lbs. Since I injured my shoulder by running into a barbell, I didn’t want to go heavier.

    Side note: as I was doing the push press and no, no, no’s my shoulder was in pain due to the injury. I finished all my push press, but only did one rope climb. I sat out the rest and rolled out my shoulder with a crossball.

    Candles felt somewhat weird, probably because it’s the first time doing them.

    Rowing: kept my pace at around 1:44-1:48ish somewhat below what I was suppose to. I was tired, but felt good during the rows.

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