3 thoughts on “Monday 7/7/2014”

  1. Snatch: Finished all reps! Took percentages from 105lbs. Actually felt pretty good with the technique, maybe some more training would help, but felt good.

    Back Squat: Finally hit the weight I had failed in about 2 weeks ago at 185lbs. Finished all sets without failure. I did have a minor discomfort on my knees and glutes, maybe because we didn’t stretch much.

    WOD: Did the snatches at 85lbs. Felt good, maybe could have done it with 95lbs :(. I finished 3 rounds and about 3 meters into the farmers walk of the 4th round.

  2. Snatch: Maxed out, 155. Not very pretty.

    Back Squat: Regressed to 235, felt heavy but I did take a week off, felt a little easier when I tightened my legs as I went down.

    WOD: Did the snatches at 135lbs. Probably should not have, did them but not with great form. Have to keep in mind to lower the weight sometimes.

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